Inter Urinam Et Faeces Homo Nascitur (2014)

by Franz Strøsuk

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The second album by Franz Strøsuk.
Released on diy cd and tape. 4 songs of it available on a 7" vinyl!
Get all stuff at our shows or order it via


released July 9, 2014

lyrics and music by Franz Strøsuk
recorded/mixed in 2014 in Graz by Christian
mastered by Vik




Franz Strøsuk Austria

crust/d-beat/sludge/punk from Graz/Gradec and Vienna AT

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Track Name: Exodus
You won't be missed. The struggle can't be forgotten. Those who mourn in the end never joined in to fight. I shed no tears. In the darkness. Society has been dying ever since the first thrones were claimed. I die. Exodus now. No relief. Society's been dying (ever since). No relief. Exodus now. No relief. Society. No relief. The last fireflies drown in piles of lies. They die. The last fireflies drowned in piles of lies. They died.
Track Name: All Fucked Up / In Memoriam Terra
All Fucked Up
In memoriam terra. Misleading stanzas burn into the brain. With every repetition the pain decreases until all puppets entangle. Bemusing lines. Generation after generation. All fucked up. Soon enough any doubt will be deserted. Into dust. Earth's wake is on the schedule. Soon enough. Soon. Soon enough.
Track Name: Putinmyass!
Flags torn off their posts. Brown spots and red stars cover up former diversity. “From Russia with love”. Faces wiped off their smiles. Burned black wounds forecast future policy. “From Russia with love”. Repetition of the past?!
Track Name: Burning Steeples
Burning Steeples
Radical philosophy produces value with a certain degree of irony. Go on your way and let the people talk. Radical philosophy produces value.
Track Name: ¿Donde Esta La Bibliotheka?
¿Donde Està La Bibliotheka?
Am I a nihilist, an anarchist, the antichrist? Do people breed the label or are labels imprinted into minds? What are the odds that the entire complex is nothing, nothing more than an empty shell? It is impossible to stop thinking, but it is possible to lose one's mind. Is it up to me? Am I the label? Is it up to me? Who could ever be? I die.
Track Name: Kiss Me / The State Loves Us To The Very End
Kiss Me
True lies never fail to dismantle reality. Dictators die too.
Track Name: Loose Ends
Loose Ends
Nostalgia only exists in our minds. Loose ends need to be dealt with now. Nostalgia only exists in our minds. Loose ends will forget the past. What happened has happened and cannot be undone.
Track Name: Thou Name Shall Be Forgotten
Thou name shall be forgotten
Nettogrof eb llahs eman ouht.
Track Name: Deafwish
We all die. In the end there's no choice. A deathwish unspoken until nothing remains. No need to listen. My deafwish pronounced. We all die. The end's no promotion. Why not try chaos, if this is order? Unheard are the nameless, my deathwish remains. Until we are heard the slaughter's on mute. In the end we all die. Defending myself from the monstrosities of civilization I throw all cords away. No more obedience until death mentality. We all die. In the end there's no choice. A deathwish unspoken until nothing remains. No need to listen. My deafwish pronounced.
Track Name: I Am Verboten
I Am Verboten
Pride is not our interest. You will not tear me down. Can't claim this ground. Property doesn't exist. With labour abolished, there's still work to do. Can't claim this ground anymore. Property doesn't exist anymore. Peel off the shell. Treasure's beauty's long gone. Peel off the shell. Your treasure's gone.
Track Name: Tank Town / Moral Excuse
Tank Town
Keine Moral. Es gibt keine Moral. Wonders do not exist. Flowers opposing military machine. Symbols for a dream never to be real. Helpless gestures by a system built on war. Pacifism kills. Wonders do not exist. Flowers dismantle concrete and steel. Keine Moral. Pacifism kills. Keine Moral. Es gibt keine Moral.